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Our Bodies are Beautiful whether We are “Plain Jane”, a Mutant or a Worker

As of today it’s June 21st, and I’m working on a blog, woo!  All right so Not much has happened in the span of three-ish days. I’m continuing working on pieces for the EKRHP project, which by the way has a website! Check it out here!  It’s still a work in progress but there are links to reproductive information and stories from others.  I found out today, actually just a couple of minutes actually by the lovely Stumble button I found a site called About-face. It’s a neat project for women of any age about body images and the media’s portrayal of women along with their influences on women. It’s pretty powerful even in it’s simplest ways, they also have a blog which it is factual but it’s  also interesting and entertaining.

One of the blogs was about the the X-Men Movie. I went and watched the new with a couple of gal pals and I thought it was interesting how they fit realistic issues of how people, specifically youth  deal with “normalcy” along with their self esteems. The About- Face  blog picks up on this and focuses on the young Rogue in the movie. Go here to read their blog.


My drawing for the EKRHP is going slowly, but surely!  It’s cross-hatching, hatching in pencil.  Here is what it looks like currently.  There are still things to change like her eyes…haha. I’m more worried about getting her in shading.

The piece will have one of those  Prego Guesser devices that  guess if you’re pregnant or not…yeah. Yes, this is a child, a youth like individual so at the moment you are probably clueless to why both are together but when I finish it I’ll post a mini-statement along with some statistics, something along those lines anyway. =D

Questions to Ask:

1. How would you feel about children’s books that openly explain to children on how babies are made? ARTICLE


2. As a worker woman in society how do you feel about being discriminated at work? How would you feel to be kept at a low wage and not be given the chance to further yourself, in addition trying to get your voice heard but being rejected? ARTICLE


So body image is  a BIG deal, but  nothing is really getting out there (at least in my neck of the woods) helping women on accepting their beauty as is, especially their parts THEY not others use for sexual pleasure and of being a sexual being. We are entitled to love and to think we are beautiful and we are entitled to please our bodies for OUR own pleasure and benefit before anyone else!  So here is an awkward song but a funny one simply telling you to, well love you vagina.


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